Chris Cascio

"Untitled (Large Pink and Blue Sawtooth)" Contemporary Geometric Abstract 2022



Aerosol on canvas


Contemporary abstract painting by local Houston artist Chris Cascio. Currently featured in the show "5 Artists 5 Rooms" at Reeves Art + Design in Houston, TX.

Artist Biography

Christopher Cascio was born in New Orleans, and lives and works in Houston. He received his BFA at the San Francisco Art Institute and MFA from the University of Houston. Over the past decade his art has dealt with themes of obsession, compulsion, and ritual practice. The work now primarily consists of hard-edge abstraction (paintings) and is influenced by traditional quilting designs. Color and its transformative effects on the human psyche are paramount. The paintings come from a spiritual place and serve as a fount of positive energy for those who take the time to look deeply. The act of painting is curative and creates an aura of healing around the work. The work combines complex color theory and motifs based on traditional quilting patterns into painted geometric abstraction. Paintings are largely made using masking tape and aerosol acrylic paint. Some visual themes include sawtooth waves, portals, stairways, crosses, and pinwheels. Sometimes the paintings are also deconstructed and resewn into actual quilted paintings. Cascio is an Assistant Professor of Studio Art at the Sam Houston State University School of Art and has taught at the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, his alma mater in Houston. He is married, has a five-year-old, and cohabitates with two rescued tabby cats.


H 50 in x W 40 in x D 1.25 in