Mark Byckowski

"VMP 7" Contemporary Visual Music Compositions in Black Multi-Colored Line System Digital Abstract Painting 2005



Acrylic on rag paper


Contemporary abstract geometric painting by artist Mark Byckowski. The work is featured in a series of paintings on a rag surface watercolor board. The work features horizontal lines with a variety of vivid colors of blue, and yellow painted on a black background. Each work in the series features a bright red line at the bottom right corner. Signed, titled, and dated on reverse. Currently unframed, but options are available.

Artist Biography

Mark Byckowski was born March 18, 1957 in Chicago, Illinois. He remained in and out of the Chicago area until moving to Raleigh, North Carolina in 1990. In 2016 moved to Livingston, Texas where he currently resides. At an early age he began drawing, studying, and creating art which has continued throughout his life. His artwork has changed and evolved through different periods and styles that span for decades. In the early years he was influenced by traditional representational artists and illustrators, then impressionism, surrealism and the avant-garde of modernism captured his imagination. His artistic talent eventually led him to Northern Illinois University where he received Dean List Honors in Fine Art with an emphasis in studio painting. As a studio artist he has produced a body of work in a variety of media painting, drawing, sculpture, print making, and computer art also known as digital art. While in college the artist began searching for an original idea and style of his own. In 1979 when the first apple personal computers became available in the art department. He immediately knew the technology would eventually influence the direction of fine art in the future. It took time to learn how to program and explore the possibilities of computers as a new tool in the creation of art. Personal computers back then did not have the capabilities they have today and were not user-friendly. There were only two fine artists Mark Pinson and I working with computer technology back then. We worked on our own ideas and after completing the programs and turning them into paintings and drawings we collaborated and mounted a two-man exhibition. My first program was a series of interconnected images entitled “Concatenation” paintings and drawings created from the program were exhibited with Mark Pinson’s work entitled “Random” in a two- man show at The Holmes Center Gallery, Northern Illinois University on November 30, 1980. The second program entitled “Visual Music” the paintings and drawings exhibited in a one man show at The Recital Hall Music Building Gallery, Northern Illinois University on April 26, 1981. Followed by an exhibit sponsored by Illinois Bell, works on paper selected a drawing from the Visual Music series for “A New Generation of Artists” at The Lobby Gallery, 225 West Randolph Street, Chicago, Illinois, May 14 through June 12, 1981. The artist has participated in exhibitions dating back to 1974. The above exhibitions were selected because they marked a new beginning and direction in the artist’s work that continues to the present day. Other positions held in the Fine Art field include: 1984-1985- Austin Galleries, Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois (Main Gallery) and other locations Fine Art Consultant / Gallery Director 1982-1984- Atlas Galleries, Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois (Main Gallery) and other locations Fine Art Consultant / Assistant Gallery Director

Artist Statement/Process

Subject matter for computer art, painting, and drawing Mark S. Byckowski In 1979 searching for a for an original idea and style of my own I began looking for abstract ideas that I could program with a computer for a new a paintings series. I decided on an idea called “Concatenation” a series beginning from the original image undergoing a transformational change from the previous image connected in a linked series. Example: Image 1 is the original, image 2 changes image 1 by adding a new line, and image 3 changes image 2 by adding an additional new line. Continually changing the previous image by adding an additional line etc. In 1980 I began working on a new abstract idea that I could again program with a computer for a new painting and drawing series. The similarities between music and art intrigued me and began thinking about how I could create a visual representation of musical sound. In music notes are arrangements turned into compositions. In art color is also, arranged into compositions and both seek aesthetic rhythms and harmony. Depending on what notes or colors used can also, affect different emotions and moods. The Artists painting process Step one: Create the computer drawing. For years I have used Microsoft classic paint to create drawings. It allows me to arrange an aesthetic composition and select a color scheme in advance. I can make changes easily until I am satisfied. Step two: I build a custom stretcher frame with support bars and corner braces. Step three: Measure and Stretch the canvas onto the frame pulling the canvas and using a staple gun to attach it to the frame. Step four: Begin painting the ground according to the color scheme. Step five: Plot and measure equal points on all sides for a grid system guide that can be followed with a ruler Step Six: Using various sizes of masking tape. I begin masking the areas I want to paint according to the drawing and make sure the tape is firmly adhered to the canvas to create a sharp edge. Step seven: select the color according to the drawing and paint the area masked off. Repeat steps six and seven until the painting is completed.


H 15 in. x W 20 in.