William Galen Doss

"Wholford Hills" Rural California Landscape Painting





California landscape painting of a rural landscape in an impressionist style. The work is signed and titled by the artist on the bottom of the canvas and the back of the canvas.

Artist Biography

William Galen Doss was one of the earliest artists that settled in Laguna Beach having arrived there in 1922. As a founding member, he became known as the "Dean of the Laguna Beach Artist Colony". Born in Illinois both of his parents died when he was nine years old. After having lived in Michigan he made the move to California after corresponding with young cousins. The glowing accounts of the state compelled him to relocate. He arrived in Los Angeles in 1904. A newspaper interview with Doss recalled his love for art even as a child. He couldn't recall a time when he wasn't without a bunch of brushes and paint in his hands. His first oil painting at the age of ten was of his favorite horse. The artist's obituary has recollections, from early colony members, of Doss and his many walks with colleague, Frank Cuprien. The two often argued about art in loud and sometimes angry tone, but always remained good friends. Another good friend and artist, Roy Ropp studied with Doss and credited him for teaching him to paint. They both were associated with the Laguna Beach Country Club.


H 31.5 in x W 37.25 in x D 2 in.

Dimensions without Frame

H 26 in x W 32 in x D 1 in.
"Wholford Hills" Rural California Landscape Painting
"Wholford Hills" Rural California Landscape Painting