Willi Baumeister

Willi Baumeister- "Sumerische Legenden" Egyptian Style Print 1949



Digital Print


Egyptian style print from Baumeister's series titled "Sumerische Legenden". The print is stamped by the artist and dated. It was given as a give from the daughter of Willi Baumeister. It is framed in a wooden frame with a white matte.

Artist Biography

As one of the most important protagonists of abstract painting, the German painter, graphic artist, stage designer and art theorist Willi Baumeister was a part of the post-war European avant-garde. In 1919 Baumeister entered the master class of Adolf Hölzel in Stuttgart and also became a member of Berlin’s “Novembergruppe”. In the same year, he began his first distinctively individual series of paintings with his “Mauerbilder” (Wall Paintings). For the rest of his life, Baumeister retained the interest in textures and structures that finds expression in these works. Important series followed: “Maschinenbilder” (Machine Paintings), the “Sportler” (Athletes), “Ideogramme” (Ideograms) and – from 1939 onwards – “Eidos”. As early as 1930, the artist was already involved in the Parisian artists’ group “Cercle et Carré” as well as the association “Abstraction-Création”, founded by Naum Gabo and Antoine Pevsner, among others. Although Baumeister continued to develop his abstract pictorial ideas, figurative elements were retained. This may be explained – among other sources – through his intense occupation with prehistoric painting, ethnological symbols and the art of primitive peoples. In 1941 the Nazis placed a ban on exhibitions of Baumeister’s work. In 1946 he received a professorship at the Stuttgart academy of art. The book “Das Unbekannte in der Kunst” (The Unknown in Art) – written in 1943/44, but first published in 1947 – made Baumeister one of the most important art theorists in Germany.

Dimensions With Frame

H 25 in. x W 29 in. x D 1.25 in.

Dimensions Without Frame

H 23.5 in x W 27.5 in.
Willi Baumeister- "Sumerische Legenden" Egyptian Style Print 1949
Willi Baumeister- "Sumerische Legenden" Egyptian Style Print 1949