Robert Sandman

"Black Heart" Colorful Abstract Modern Pop Art Portrait Painting of a Woman 1980s



Acrylic Paint, Canvas


Colorful abstract modern portrait painting of an evil woman by Texas artist Robert Sandman. As the artist explains, "The definition of Black Heart is a woman who is as wicked and evil as the worst of your nightmares, who you do not want to anger, because when she’s angry, she kicks people out of cars. Not cool. In the painting, she wears the Legion of the Black Heart medal on her uniform. Blackheart is also a fictional demon in Marvel Comics, created by his demon-lord father, Mephisto, from the energy of accumulated evil. Also not cool. This painting was a companion piece to another painting in the Portfolio titled The Black Hand. Both paintings received First Place awards in juried competitions. They’re a couple." Signed in front lower left corner. Hung in a thin black frame.

Dimensions With Frame

H 41.19 in. x W 31.19 in. x D 1.25 in.

Dimensions Without Frame

H 39.63 in. x W 49.5 in.