Matt Aston

"Man in Yellow Pants" Abstract Expressionist Splatter Group Portrait Painting 1994





Large portrait of a friend of the artist, painted in the style of Jackson Pollock/Abstract Expressionism with multiple splattered colors. Signed by artist in lower right corner. Currently unframed, but framing options are available. “I painted my friend Richard in front of Kent Twitchell’s painting of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. He is wearing a Metallica T-shirt”. -Matt Aston

Artist Biography

Matt Aston is a painter based in Los Angeles working in portraiture, Set and Stage Design, Educator and in the Entertainment Industry. His works are painted in the style Jackson Pollock and are heavily figurative. He bounces back and forth from realism and impressionism with works that often portray famous subjects.


H 70 in. x W 39 in. x D 1.25 in.