Herb Mears

"Waiting for the Tide" Earth-Toned Modernist Abstract Painting of a Port 20th Century



Oil paint


Earth-toned figurative modern painting by Texas artist Herb Mears. The painting features a shipping port with two men and white doves on top of shipping crates. The orange and black ship is painted against a yellow background, suggesting a sunrise/sunset scene. The piece is framed in a beautifully carved wooden frame. Signed by the artist at the bottom left corner.

Artist Biography

Born in New York City, Herb Mears was interested in art from a young age. He studied under Fernand Leger in Paris and went on to paint and study in various studios in France and Italy before his arrival in Houston in 1951. With colleague David Adickes, whom he had met in Paris, Mears decided to open an art school.

Dimensions With Frame

H 47.5 in x W 37.5 in x D 2 in

Dimensions Without Frame

H: 39.75 in. x W: 29.75 in.